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Adventures in Gardening: Week 1

Happy Monday! (I only say that because I have off Friday…so it better feel like a short week lol).

I went into the city on Saturday to check out the Van Gogh exhibit at the Art Museum with a few friends. It was fun! I love the super bright colors of a lot of his paintings. I need to go to the Art Museum more than I do (which is like once every 3 years or something). Before that, I went to the DMV to get my license renewed. There was no line which is crazy for a Saturday. My picture turned out okay. My face always looks very round in those ID photos but not in any other photos, its weird. I’m not sure why their camera like changes the shape of my face haha. Because there was no line, I ended up having about a half hour to spare so I wandered around the Macy’s for a little while. They have some really cute purses. I’m kind of in the market for a new purse (not that there’s anything wrong with my current one minus a little wear a tear…I just get bored easily). I also feel like my current purse is way too big. I like purses on the bigger side, but I definitely only use up maybe half of my bag’s space, so a smaller bag would probably be more useful. Of course the ones I liked the most at Macy’s were the $200 Dooney and Bourke ones…that’s definitely not happening haha

So yesterday I decided to finally plant my basil (and tomatoes)! I purchased the Simple Garden starter kit off Amazon and it came in the mail on Friday (pictured on left). It comes with a pretty large container, seeds (basil and cherry tomatoes), soil, and a chart that tells you exactly where to plant which seeds. Gardening for dummies, right? Well they underestimated my dumbness. Its supposed to be an inside planter, at least for the first month or so it sounds like, so I assumed I could mix the soil and all inside. I put it on my dining room table, and added the amount of water it called for. The directions said to add water SLOWLY (in all caps) so that the soil brick has time to absorb it. For some reason I decided to ignore that, or I thought I was doing it slowly enough but wasn’t. There’s draining holes in the bottom of the container (which is on a tray) so the water didn’t have enough time to absorb and lets just say I ended up flooding my table and the chairs and a little bit of the rug and almost destroyed my phone (it got wet but survived). After screaming various not-so-nice words and practically throwing it out onto my balcony, all was good. I wasn’t sure how much extra water to add to it, though, to make up for what came out the bottom…so hopefully there was enough water. It says to use some kind of greenhouse lid for it to help the seeds germinate, but it didn’t come with the lid (you have to buy it separately), so I kind of made one out of a few layers of saran wrap…we shall see. Its supposed to be sunny this week so hoping I’ll see something by the end of the week. I’m not completely sure when/how much I’m supposed to water it…I’m kind of not good with water (as evidenced above). The only sunny place in my apartment, which is basically surrounded by trees, is on top of my fridge which is really inconvenient to get to. I have to stand on a chair and move all our cereal boxes and such. I feel like I’m going to forget its up there! Anyway, I’ll keep you updated each week on how its doing. I meant to take a picture after I planted the seeds, but forgot. I mean its basically that container with dirt in it, so nothing that really warrants a picture anyway.

That’s all for now. My recipe this week is going to be chicken piccata, so look out for that (probably on Wednesday).