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Case of the Mondays

I’ve basically been saying “I want to sleeeeep” since I opened my eyes this morning at 5:30AM. Even when I was at the gym all I wanted to do was close my eyes! The funny thing is I actually slept pretty well last night. Its gonna be a looong Monday. *headdesk*

This weekend I went back home with Shawn to see my parents. We spent Saturday at IKEA looking for a bookshelf. I had never been to an IKEA before but I’m definitely going back if I need any furniture…they have some awesome stuff! We found a bookcase that was on sale for $60. Its really nice and fairly large. I’d post a picture but it isn’t on their website. Its similar to this one, except it has three columns and the boxes/shelves are all different sizes. We also picked up some wall art (finally!) for the bedroom. Its a pretty photo of the skyline of Chicago (which neither have us have been to…but they didn’t have any Philly ones and we liked the photo). I can’t find that one online to show you either…but its kind of like this one in that its grey-scale but with some buildings in gold. It should match the rest of the bedroom nicely. With that artwork plus the skyline of New York that we have in the living room, it appears we’re collecting city skylines or something lol. After IKEA, my family, Shawn, and I went to “On The Border” for dinner. I had some yummy enchiladas and a margarita. Did I mention there was seriously a torrential downpour going on outside? Yeea. Let’s just say trying to haul the bookcase, the artwork, and various bags or stuff into the apartment was interesting. I was standing between the curb and our van getting stuff and the water was up to my knees! Luckily I had my trusty Hunter boots on. =p I spent the rest of the evening putting together the bookcase (with no help from the boy by the way…I’m definitely the handymanwoman) haha.

Luckily this week is only 4 days due to Friday being a holiday at my company (although Shawn still has work I believe). I’ve been itching to go on a vacation lately. I don’t know where or when, though…but I just really want to go somewhere! I need to plan this.

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    1. @Holly, lol I only get up at 5:30 a couple days a week cause its the only way I can have time to get to the gym before work…I definitely don’t want to! =p My usual time is at 6:30 though…which kind of sucks also =/ haha

  1. I hate days that just go on and on. Thankfully I don’t have too many days like that. Sounds like your apartment is pretty stylish. Ours is very plain. We try not to buy stuff for it because we didn’t plan on living there that long. We thought we’d be there for one year max and now it’s been two.

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