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day 22: a website

One group of websites that I visit a lot is Pop Sugar. Its network of blogs that are from that same company and geared towards women. I love bellasugar.com (which has news and tips about makeup and beauty products) and fitsugar.com (tips about exercising and health). They also have a blog for technology, cooking, fashion, child care, finance etc etc.

This weekend was definitely interesting. One of my friends had a dinner in the city to celebrate her birthday on Friday night. While I was at that I get a text from Shawn saying he needs to talk to me on the phone about something and if I could come outside. I was pretty confused and worried, so I go outside to call him. As I’m calling him, I look down the street and there he is! He had a business trip to Pittsburgh on Monday and Tuesday, so he stopped at Philly for the weekend to surprise me…and I was surprised! 🙂 haha. He just left this morning (got up at 5 to drive with him to the airport)

Having got up at 5, I’m pretty tired…so the fact that my bus was late by 30 minutes this morning was pretty aggravating. I hate not being on time! X(