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I found this post in my drafts…

So I found this whole post in my drafts and realized I never published it (I don’t think.) Lame. Well anyway, school has been going as usual. Nothing much to report. I had a party at my apt last weekend which was pretty fun. You can view photos of my drunken self holding a chair leg in the sidebar (as to why I have a chair leg, you can use your imagination). Loads of work to do next week which I’m not looking forward to. I can’t believe I graduate in almost a month. =(

Beginning of older draft…

I’ve just added the new Dailybooth widget to my sidebar so you can view the latest Dailybooth picture of me!

Day 12: Grace in Small Things
1. No Geography class tomorrow
2. Heroes is on tonight!
3. Feeling somewhat smart
4. Leftover fried dumplings mmm
5. Having my shower drain (sort-of) lol

SoulPancake: Why do so many marriages go bad faster than mayonnaise in a hot car?
I think it can stem from one of two things (or both). A. People rushing into marriage so fast without being with each other for a long amount of time, because they are so “in love”. B. People ending marriages so quickly whenever they have a little problem or argument without putting effort into working it out.

Plinky: List Five Things to do Before You Die

Record a song
Even though I don't think most of my songs are remotely good, it would be a cool experience to record one with more than a 5 dollar microphone.

I'd love to travel more…anywhere. Italy is one of the places I'd love to go to.

Go to NYC in the winter
I've never been there in Christmas and would love to see the tree all lit up

Move away from home
Although I love being near the family (sort of), it would be exciting to be somewhere completely new

Start a business
Would love to design web sites for people…

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