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I Suck At Tennis

Shawn and I did a little shopping on Saturday. I had a Groupon to Old Navy that was expiring at the end of the month, so I wanted to make sure I used that. They were having a little contest in the front of the store where you spin a wheel and win a coupon. Unfortunately, mine landed on a $5 off a $35 purchase, when I wasn’t planning to spend that much. I still have it actually, and would totally mail it to whoever wants it except for the fact that it expired yesterday. Anyway, I ended up getting this crochet kind of shrug thing. It looked really pretty on the rack, but it looks sort of awkward on because the back is much higher than I thought and the seams kind of make it look like its inside-out. O well…its cute nevertheless.

Next we went to Dick’s Sporting Goods…well Shawn wanted to go. I wasn’t planning on getting anything, but somehow I ended up making a $60+ purchase. Eek! We saw tennis rackets, and thought it would be fun to play tennis since there’s a tennis court in out apartment complex. So there was that (and yes, I got a pink one of course). Then I got a couple work-out clothing items: a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. The shorts were actually pretty necessary. Literally the only pairs of shorts I have are the Soffee ones from like high school marching band. They’re super short so I don’t like wearing them when I go to the gym…I’m not about to flash everyone. haha. I’ve been wearing my leggings, and since its been like 90+ degrees outside it has not been comfortable! So…these shorts were a good purchase indeed. I probably need more than one pair, but these will do for now.

After our shopping trip, we decided to break out the new tennis rackets and play some tennis. Apparently I majorly suck, as Shawn felt it necessary to point out numerous times. lol. In my defense, I am not good with the heat (let alone physical movement in the heat) and it was like 90 degrees and we were directly in the sun! I also haven’t played tennis since I was about 7 years old. We (well, if you want to be technical, me) lost all 3 of the tennis balls we had purchased, including another one that we found. Shawn told me I needed to go look for at least one of them…in the woods. I was like yea, no. I’d rather not be attacked by poison ivy and snakes and bears (because, you know, those are obviously the things that make up the “woods” in Philly haha). It was fun though! I’d like to go again this weekend, preferably in the early morning. I also would have to buy more tennis balls to do this, preferably a bucket-full.

My Sunday was spent doing what I do every Sunday. Trying to take over the world Cleaning and laundry.

Oh yea…I won a giveaway over at Holly’s blog, The Adventures of Holly! I won 3 of her super pretty handmade greeting cards 🙂

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  1. Shopping is always fun when you know what you’re getting, or when you don’t know what to expect. I haven’t been to Old Navy in quite some time, in my case cash may be the issue. Sounds like tennis was fun, don’t worry about how you played, as long as you guys had fun is all the counts. Sorry to hear you lost all your balls…that sounds weird…lol! Anyway the crochet bag looks really cute, I used to crochet purses, but haven’t done so in ages! As for living in the woods, it’s totally different here, we live in the desert, with mountains but it’s mostly a desert. It was fun reading your blog, I’ll be sure to drop in again and say hello. 🙂

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