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Ugh I have been such a slacker this past week with blogging! Sorry about that! Here are my Instagram pictures from last week (May 28 – June 1):

I don’t know what was up with me yesterday but I was ridiculously moody and tired. Like I could barely leave the bed or do anything. I did end up working out (although barely) in the afternoon to see if that would give me some more energy, but I was still feeling off later on and started crying for absolutely no reason. Helloo hormones? haha. Still kind of out of it today, although better. Bleh…I need energy!

Luckily I wasn’t feeling too crappy on Saturday and had a pretty good day. Went to IHOP in the AM with Shawn and his brother…ate a gigantic Belgian waffle, eggs, and sausage haha. I’m totally a waffle person (much more than pancakes). In the evening I went with my parents to Delaware to see a Gilbert & Sullivan opera called “The Mikado”. It was good, though the seats were really cramped and tiny.

Oh some exciting news…I’m finally setting up a website for design work. It’ll be a sub-domain of this blog since I really don’t feel like buying another domain and its going to be called “Adorability Designs”. I’ll be offering services for blog designs (for self-hosted wordpress.org) and also graphics for blogs (like headers, blog buttons, or other images). I’ll also have some pre-made graphics and maybe even some freebies. Its looking pretty nice so far, but still has a little ways to go! Really excited about it because designing is really what I love doing so hopefully someone out there will find it useful! I’m also working on learning how Blogger is coded so I can expand a bit more, since I know a lot of people use Blogger. WordPress.com (as opposed to .org) apparently doesn’t let you do anything as far as customization with the exception of colors and swapping out a header image. And if you want any kind of custom CSS you have to pay them $30 a year, and you can’t even edit any of the HTML…I think that’s ridiculous! I know its free but I feel like they should offer a little more flexibility for customization. Not everyone can afford a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Hopefully this week goes by faster than last week. I’m in one of those “ugh how am I 25 already and what am I doing with my life and how has it been 3 freakin years since I’ve graduated” moods which seem to pop up every other week or so. Maybe that’s why I was so moody yesterday. Everything just feels so static and the same…like time stopped somewhere in 2011, but obviously it hasn’t because somehow its 2012 and I have no idea how that happened and in just 6 months its going to be 2013 and omg kill me.

3 thoughts on “Insta…Monday?”

  1. I know how you feel! I am 25 too, Im like “whatttt?!” so dont feel bad! Youcan email me anytime if u need to vent! We need to exchange numbers sometime, haha. How the heck you get your instagram pics on here?

    I cant wait for your new site! (You know ima love it) Ill help spread the word!

    1. @Santana I just use the image urls from here http://statigr.am/marshmelly411 (right click copy image location) or you could also just save the image and upload them as well to insert in a blog post. Kind of a roundabout way of doing it but I haven’t found another way that works lols

      Awesome I will definitely let you know when its up!

  2. I haven’t been to IHOP in so long. A Belgian waffle sounds delicious right now!

    Congrats on getting the design site going! Can’t wait to see how it works out 🙂

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