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is it really Sunday?

Seriously? This weekend was 10 seconds long.

Hopefully this coming week will be less stressful than last week. I do have a Geography test on Thursday but it should go okay (maybe). On Friday I’m going to this Honor’s Convocation in the afternoon…no idea what to expect with that. haha. But I did get new shoes to wear! They’re my first pair of actual heels (I know, you’d think with my height I’d have a whole collection), but I could never find ones that were A. comfortable and B. I could walk in. Thank you, DSW Shoes!

I got some new blush from Sephora.com and managed to get 11 samples with it haha. Well you get 3 already, then you need to put the code NATUREBAG (I think thats it?) to get an additional 8. Pretty good deal! I hope this new blush is okay. The one I have now is way to opaque and glittery and makes my cheeks dry out.

That’s all. Completely enjoying the fact that I don’t have to do any homework today.

I’ll leave you with some music. This is called “The Little Things” by Danny Elfman and was in the movie Wanted. I love Danny Elfman’s ability to make all different kinds of music! Anyone else think Nightmare Before Christmas should be made into a Broadway Musical? =)


Day 11: Grace in Small Things
1. No homework!
2. Fairly nice day out?
3. Party next weekend!
4. Heels!
5. Not getting paid this week Getting a pretty big paycheck in 2 weeks. which means more taxes taken out =(

SoulPancake: What do you miss most about being five years old?
Having absolutely no responsibility whatsoever, being able to play all day long, always being taken care of, being blissfully ignorant to the bad stuff in the world…

Plinky: What gadget is at the top of your wish list?

flip video by g_kat26

I really want to get Flip video recorder. Those things look so cool. I would also like a new laptop (specifically a macbook), but a laptop isn't a gadget that I don't already have. lol