Daily Life

Its Monday and I’m Sleepy


I really need to plan a vacation for September. We had sort of decided on a cruise but now the bf doesn’t want to do a cruise…whatever we do, it must be planned! I’m thinking maybe the Bahamas, depending on the cost. Hmm.

This weekend flew by. Cinco de Mayo was on Saturday so we decided to go into the city and have dinner at Chili’s (I know, how authentically Mexican haha). We had a gift card so all we had to pay was tip which was nice. Then we went to Insomnia Cookies..yumm. Oh yea, remember that skirt that I really wanted that was sold out online? I found it in the GAP in the city! I walked in and there it was…in my size. It wasn’t in petites, but its actually not that long on me at all…in fact, the length is perfect which is weird since I’m pretty short. Looking online now, its completely sold out in the color I got so I’m glad I picked it up when I did. I don’t wear a lot of skirts, so this is definitely a welcome addition in my summer wardrobe.

I ended up downloading the first season of Game of Thrones from Amazon. Its the first TV show I’ve ever bought, but unfortunately there isn’t any other way to watch it (stupid HBO). Totally worth it though! Almost halfway through the season now, and I’m just starting on the second book.

Yesterday I went to Manayunk with a friend of mine for lunch at Kildare’s which was fun. I also picked up a shirt at a consignment shop that I like there. (Note to self: stop shopping…you’re done for the rest of the month! haha). All in all, definitely a good (but much too short) weekend.

Oh yea…so my plants. A couple days ago I noticed like white fuzz on the top of the soil and started to freak out. Some googling indicates that it could be white mold, and suggestions of what to do seemed to range from extreme to doing nothing at all. So I pretty much just removed the top layer of soil where the fuzzy stuff was. Apparently, over-watering can cause this? I didn’t think I was over-watering it (I water it about once a week) but maybe I was…I have no idea! haha. Hopefully the mold or whatever it was does not return, and if it does I guess I’ll have to take a more serious approach to getting rid of it. I still don’t feel like the basil is growing at all. Maybe its because the tomato plant is growing so tall and making the little basil plants look like they’re not doing anything. At this rate I’ll be able to make pesto sometime in 2013…

Oh and another thing…in reference to my last post about transferring my site to a new host, the hosting has been purchased and the domain is supposed to transfer tomorrow. I didn’t know that a domain took 8 days to transfer, and this domain (adorability.org) was set to expire this past weekend so I ended up renewing it for a year even though its supposed to transfer a couple days later anyway. I wasn’t really sure what to do, so I figured I’d rather be out 9 bucks than have to deal with problems related to expired domains. So yea, keep your fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly tomorrow and that you don’t see a big “page cannot be displayed” when trying to load my blog =/ I’m also moving my beauty blog to its actual own domain. Right now it does have its own domain (adorabeauty.net) but it just forwards to beauty.adorability.org. I left it there originally because of Google Friend Connect, but since I don’t use that anymore I might as well move it to its rightful place. I anticipate a lot of broken links/images and all kinds of crap I’ll have to fix…yey!