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January Glam Bag Product Reviews

I’ve had a chance to try out the products in my January Glam Bag…here are my thoughts!

  • Sheer Cover Duo Concealer in Light/Medium : I really like this concealer. It contains two different shades which is great because I can use the lighter shade under my eyes and the darker shade for spots. It covers and blends well. The color is yellow-based, which works well with my skintone (My Benefit Erase Paste is very pink). While I prefer the consistency of Erase Paste more, this is still a great concealer that I’ll use fairly consistently.
  • theBalm Cosmetics Shady Lady shadow in “luscious lani” : Love! Like I mentioned previously, this color reminds me of Urban Decay’s “Sin”. I’ve been using this shadow everyday since I got it! It really is a beautiful color (champagne pink with a little shimmer) and the consistency is very soft. Plus, the size is huge so it’ll last me a long time.
  • Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner : I’ve only used this product once so far (planning to use it again tonight) so I can’t give that accurate of a review, but my first impressions weren’t very positive. My hair became oily much faster than usual and I didn’t feel like my hair was getting clean when using this. I will give it another shot, though, since I’m still on the fence. Luckily the sample size is big enough to use 2, maybe 3, times on my hair which is fairly thin.
  • Freeman Cucumber Facial Peel-Off Masque Not for me! I put this on, waited ten minutes, and tried to “peel” it off…I couldn’t get it off! I might have put on too thick of a layer (the directions didn’t indicate thickness), but the mask was not even dry yet after 10 minutes. Trying to get it off with water proved a disaster, so I ended up having to use my Clarisonic to sort of scrub it off. Also contains alcohol, which is too harsh for skin. That being said, I’m glad that I was able to try this out and that it is a full size product…I know people who love this mask, but its just not for me. Wish they had included the Queen Helene mask instead, which is a drugstore mask I’ve been wanting to try!

Despite the issues MyGlam has had as far as billing and shipping, I’m still going to give them a chance next month since I, personally, haven’t had any issues with them so far and am pleased with the products. I’m hoping that they can get it together and deliver better customer service to their subscribers.

If you want to sign up for MyGlam, you actually have to wait until subscriptions are open because they only open them every so often, but I’ll be sure to post if I hear that they are opening up subscriptions again. 🙂

3 thoughts on “January Glam Bag Product Reviews”

  1. Hi-

    If you have oily hair and really want to give WEN a chance, the Sweet Almond Mint isnt’ for you. I’d recommend the Cucumber Aloe. That’s for oily hair.

    i like WEN’s line. For dry hair I use the Fig CC. However, due to the expense I have found other shampoos and/or conditioner that’s just as helpful for my hair so I don’t purchase regularly anymore.

    by the way I found you on Nikki Mayne’s Blog hop 🙂

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