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memorial day

Are you supposed to say “Happy Memorial Day”? Sounds kind of strange. Well, for those who are celebrating…happy barbecuing I guess! lol

We’re having a little barbeque for dinner tonight. Almost had to convince the parents to have one. X( I guess they’re not that into traditional things. haha.

I jogged twice this weekend on the treadmill. I hadn’t done that in a really long time (I hadn’t even worked out at all in a couple weeks)…so my legs are killing me now. ouch!

I’m pretty sure the wireless network at my apt is blocking my website’s server or something, because I can access it from work and from home. O well…I only have 1 more month so its not really that big of a deal. I’ll probably email myself blog entries at work to add when I’m there haha

O yea, I’m on the lookout for hostees! (since I lost a bunch and I only have a couple now). So if anyone is interested, please email me!