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my life would suck…

…without you!. Bah get this song out of my head. (the kelly clarkson one) I didn’t even like it the first time I heard it but now I can’t stop listening to it.

Though my life did kind of suck today. Well not really I guess…just a couple minor things like almost being late again, forgetting my gloves, not getting a homework problem right, and my bag strap breaking haha. I think the thing that annoyed me the most was the bag strap. I liked that bag too. O well 🙁 Goodbye bag.

I don’t even know why I’ve been running so late/rushing in the morning lately. Its not like me haha. I missed the bus yesterday, and today I didn’t even get out of the bathroom till 2 minutes before I had to leave. Maybe I need to get out of bed earlier.

I need to start reading for History. I’m behind like whoa. Of course what am I doing now? Google Reader of course. 🙂 haha

Valentines Day is coming up <3 I just got Shawn a little gift. Its not something really practical but I think its cute. I won't tell you cause he might be reading. shh! 😛 At least CSI is on tonight!

3 thoughts on “my life would suck…”

  1. What song is that? It sounds like one that I would like haha. I find that songs that I hate when I first hear them end up becoming one of my favorite songs. But songs I like when I first hear them also become my favorite songs…let’s just say I love music lol.

    That sucks that your bag broke. I hate when something you have been using forever and is pretty good at it’s job stops working. It’s so hard to find a replacement for something that was excellent in the first place.

    Ugh, Valentines day. I hate buying gifts! I hope my b/f isn’t expecting anything. I didn’t get him anything last year I don’t think. Probably not the year before either. I guess that means it would be a good idea to get him something this year because it would be a surprise. I just got him a Christmas present! And a birthday present! No more!

  2. Haha, I’m loving that song too! It’s very Kelly Clarkson typical, lol.
    Once one of my best bag’s strap broke too! But I wasn’t going to let it go easily so I fixed it up a bit and then wherever I wore it to, I’d always be thinking, “Please don’t break, don’t break” that I don’t pay attention to anything else! Haha.
    I’m always, always late. And I wake up like twenty mins after my alarm. (:

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