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Owl Eyes Collection Jewelry

I haven’t done my “I <3 Handmade" series in a little while, but I'm really excited to share with you a review on a new jewelery shop on Etsy called Owl Eyes Collection! The shop is run by Charlene, who was nice enough to let me pick out a piece of her’s to review and also provide a discount code for you guys to use in her store! (I will post it at the end of this entry).

As far as jewelry goes, I’ve always been a big necklace person, but lately I’ve been really loving bracelets to accent my wardrobe. I have quite a few bracelets that I’ve recieved as gifts over the years, and although they are very pretty, they aren’t things I would wear everyday. Trying to get on those little clasps on bracelets when I’m half asleep and rushing in the morning is not my ideal situation. Therefore, I’ve really been loving the slip-on style bracelets as well as bangles (anything that I can just slip over my wrist in a second before I leave!).

I saw this turquoise and silver bracelet in her store, and knew that it would be perfect for me. Turquoise is such a classic jewelry color, and I was really lacking it in my collection! The bracelet has turquoise semi-precious stones with silver accent beading. I love the silver accents…it really pulls the look of this bracelet together! The turquoise beads have a pretty marble detailing on them and, combined with the silver, this looks much more expensive than it is. 😉 The fit of it is pretty stretchy, so its perfect for most wrist sizes (Charlene can size it at your request, though). It costs only $10 in her store…which is one of the better prices that I’ve seen on Etsy for handmade jewelry.

There are lots of other great pieces in Owl Eyes Collection as well! She has some really gorgeous necklaces, earrings, and rings. I love how she has a variety of jewelry (including simple pieces) because many times when I look at handmade jewelry, a lot of it is really bold or funky and something that I can’t wear to work everyday. Simple pieces such as this silver chain bracelet or this simple silver chain necklace are perfect for me for an everyday look. The bracelet I received was very well-made, and came packaged in a pretty little envelope (first picture). Most of her pieces are around the $10 range (with the more expensive necklaces being around $20)…so very reasonable.

Now for the discount code! Charlene is offering 10% off any purchase on Owl Eyes Collection. Just mention coupon code adora when checking out. 🙂


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