Haircare Product Reviews

Redken No Blow Dry Air Dry Cream

I’m on a roll with this blogging thang lately!

I just purchased a couple new products from Redken, one of which is this No Blow Dry (or “NBD” as they call it) cream. I’ve been a pretty loyal Redken fan over the past year or so (their shampoo and conditioner in the All Soft line which is my favorite!) and Ulta was having a buy 2 get one free sale, so I dug around to see what else I could get. This cream caught my eye, since I rarely ever blow dry my hair and usually let it air dry but then end up heat styling it to death afterwards.These air dry creams seem to be all the rage right now (here are six other ones compared) and I’m totally fine with that since anything that feeds my laziness is good in my book!

Redken’s line had three types to choose from: Airy (for fine hair), Just Right (for medium hair), and Bossy (for thick hair). I should probably have purchased the Airy one since I do have very fine hair, though I was afraid it wouldn’t be effective enough, but I probably will next time.

What It Claims: This product claims to be a quick way to style hair after washing without having a crunchy product feel. I find that all of the gels and creams I usually use make my hair feel that way so I was definitely looking forward to this. It claims to have “Air-Tex Technology with flexible polymers” which really just sounds like marketing nonsense, but whatever it is I found it to be true in giving me the “no-product” feel.

How to Use: When I get out of the shower, I let my hair towel dry for a few minutes, comb it, then scrunch a little bit of this into my hair. I usually don’t comb it after its in since I want to kind of work with my hair’s natural waves a bit, but I might try combing it once just to see how it looks (maybe it’ll give a very subtle wave instead).


I really love how my hair turned out with this! I wouldn’t really compare this to a curling gel or anything, because its not really actively curling my hair.┬áIt basically just takes whatever your natural hair texture is and air dries it like that but without the frizz! As you can see, my hair is naturally wavy, but usually when I air dry it it ends up very frizzy due to the fine texture of it. This helps it to dry naturally while still looking polished and unfrizzy. After its dried, l sprayed it with the other new product I got which is Redken’s Forceful 23 Super Strength Hairspray (which I also love).

As I mentioned before, there are 3 different products for different hair textures. I think I might get the one meant for fine hair instead of the medium hair one because I do find that it weighed my hair down a little bit. At any rate, this product is a lazy girl’s dream and I definitely love it.