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Adventure Time!

Just a quick post to let you guys know that I’m heading off to Vegas tomorrow for vacation. Not that I post that regularly or anything, so you probably won’t notice I’m gone :p I really need to get better with posting.

I’m extremely tired today. Literally could not keep my eyes open all morning, but luckily I’m somewhat awake now (barely). I ordered tickets for a show in Vegas (Phantom of the Opera…yay!) but I was either half asleep or really not paying attention and I ordered them for the wrong date. What an idiot I am. Luckily, they were able to exchange it for the correct date, and very quickly too. Way to go to Ticketmaster customer service? (I never thought I’d say that.) But anyway…the lesson here is to make sure you are always in a fully alert and conscious state when purchasing things that cost a considerable amount of money and have the real possibility of being un-refundable.

I have a LOT to do once I leave work today. I have to refill a prescription, pick up lots of things at the drugstore (or dollar store…I need to find those refillable travel bottles!), charge my camera battery (which is currently dead), clean the entire apartment, make dinner, shower, do my nails (its important, okay?) and pack everything. That should be fun when I’m half asleep. And I probably won’t even sleep that much tonight since we have to leave at like 530 for our flight. And our seats are at the very front of the plane, meaning there may not be enough room for my huge ass bag in the overhead. Bah! But anywho…looking forward to it and hopefully I will have a post when I come back with pictures and all that fun stuff. And hopefully I will win big! Just kidding, I don’t like gambling. I never understood the concept of putting money towards something and then not getting anything back for it (unless, of course, its a charity or something like that). I’d rather just go shopping and buy stuff. 🙂 So I guess I’ll just hope Shawn wins big.

O yea…last week/weekend was full of earthquakes and hurricanes and tornadoes because someone up there really isn’t happy with the East-coast. Last Tuesday, I was sitting at my desk at work when my chair started to move slightly. I kind of figured that it was the construction that they were doing down the hall and I was like whoa they are really constructing aren’t they. Then it started to move more…and then it stopped. I still didn’t know it was an Earthquake until I heard people in the hall talking about it (and, of course, all over Twitter and Facebook). So yea, while extremely subtle, that was my first Earthquake experience. Of course, people here are crazy and freak out and think the world is ending. We also had a hurricane last weekend. It didn’t affect my area very much at all (caused a whole lot of damage to Vermont though) and there were also apparently some tornados in the area that touched down. You crazyy Mother Nature.

I’m going to go shut my eyes now until 5pm. Later!