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My August No-Buy: How did I do?

So I guess I should update on how my “no-buy” went for August! I had posted this entry saying that I wasn’t going to buy any beauty-related items or skincare products for the whole month of August. I’d like to think that I accomplished that goal! Now…the reason I say that I would “like to think” that is because I did buy one item, and it was out of necessity. Apparently I was completely unaware of how low I was on my cleanser. I hadn’t used a liquid cleanser in awhile, and I forgot that they use up much faster than a bar cleanser. I had only purchased it a month before, but it was a fairly small bottle and was completely used up by last week. So I figured that buying a cleanser was something I couldn’t really avoid (if you’re wondering, I ended up getting the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, which I’m loving!). But the main goal of a “no-buy”, in my opinion, is to limit unnecessary/spur of the moment purchases…and I definitely did that. I even managed to resist a Zoya sale where I could have gotten 2 free polishes with any order. How does somebody DO that?! haha. Pretty please, Zoya, have another sale in September? 😛

While I am probably not going to continue with this (that would be impossible), I think a great idea would be to put a limit on either the number of products or on the amount spent on products.

Have you ever done a no-buy before…how did it go for you?

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  1. I’m not doing a no-buy, but I have drastically reduced how much I am spending on beauty products. Any money I save goes in my holiday fund! x

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