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Almost May? Wow


Ugh I left my glasses at home…I can feel my eyes straining and its not even 10AM yet. *headdesk*

I meant to post last week, but just haven’t gotten the chance! My Easter was…not great. At all. In fact, it was pretty terrible. This past weekend, however, was nice! Shawn and I went to Isabel’s, a Mexican BYOB near us. Well…its a BYOT actually (bring your own tequila!). We got the mango margarita mixer and it was delish…and we probably put way too much tequila in it. Oops! =p

Yesterday was spent lazily laying on the couch watching multiple episodes of Shameless. I just started watching Season 4 without watching any of the previous seasons…its really good! After I finish up Season 4, I’ll start watching it from the beginning. Should have just started from Season 1…oh well. I also really need to catch up on Game of Thrones, I’m like 2 episodes behind.

I’ve re-designed Adorability Designs yettt again. I think it looks a lot more “sleek” though. I finally shelled out some money to get a nice gallery plugin for once (all the free ones I was using were SO buggy) and also a nice stock photograph.

The kitty has been a little more calm lately (with the exception of Sunday morning). Still scratching but I feel like its gone down maybe a little, I don’t know. No rhyme or reason to it. Hrm.

7 thoughts on “Almost May? Wow”

  1. Hooray for a good weekend, but sorry that your Easter wasn’t good. Mine was dull – worked all weekend.

    How much do you charge for blog layouts? Thinking about shelling out some money for a new layout soon that’s customized just for me. I’d rather pay you than some random person, of course! 😀

    1. Hey Sidny!

      Ugh yea there was family-related drama…boo. Would have preferred a dull Easter to that! haha

      Here’s the pricing page: http://www.adorabilitydesigns.com/custom-blog-design/ Its $100 for Blogger, but if you’re interested I can totally give you a “Friends & Family” discount =p I can also do individual graphics for less (so if you just wanted to switch out your blog header or something).

      1. After I asked you on here, I went and looked. Probably should have done that in the first place, huh? I found a few layouts you did that I really like, so when I have some money, I’ll have to get with you about it!

        And a “friends and family” discount?! WHAAAT?! You’re the best!!! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Mango Margarita?! That sounds amazing! I really need try and branch out when it comes to restaurants, we tend to always stick to the same boring places.

  3. sorry your Easter sucked, whomp whomp 🙁 better get on Game of Thrones! It’s literally the only show that I watch where I don’t play on the computer or my phone the whole show!

  4. I’m sorry your Easter was so bad. 🙁
    May is definitely here. In Sweden the weather gods are celebrating by sending down tons of rain…lol.
    I noticed you took down your premade WP designs. Why is that? Personally I think it’s so much easier to design for WP than for Blogger…I can’t understand how people have patience to design for Blogger.

    1. I actually just switched over to a brand new shop system, so I had to re-upload all the premades and have only gotten around to doing the Blogger ones lol. I have to do some updates on the WordPress themes (I think they still have my old url at the bottom!…among some other things haha), so don’t worry they’ll be back soon! 🙂

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