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another day

I sometimes wish I had more entertaining and constructive things to say on here rather than constant complaining. But nope! 🙂

I’ll be happy once the end of the month hits. There’s too much stuff going on right now, which oddly enough I’m trying not to think about. haha. So my Film professor decides to inform us, 10 minutes before class is over, that we have a group project due this weekend which involves getting together with our group at some location and writing about and taking photos of this location. She then gives us basically the last two minutes of class to work this out with our group. Short notice much? I don’t think she realizes that people have lives outside of class. At any rate, we’re meeting at 4 tomorrow and after that I have to meet band people sometime before we leave for our exhibition performance. Joy.

The new Macbooks are out and I really want one but know there is no possible way of affording or convincing my parents to gift it to me =( haha. O well…one day I shall have a Macbook. Till then, I will have to do with my ghetto Dell that has two keys missing.

I’ve picked classes for next semester. So far I have either Intro to Music or Gender War Society, World Urban Patterns, and either Gender in America or US Civil War plus an internship (hopefully) and band. I can’t believe it will be my last semester. Its unimaginable. My grad check is on Oct 31st, so hopefully I will have everything settled and won’t be missing random classes cause that would suck.

I’ve been having more weird dreams lately. I had this dream the other night that I lived in some house, and I open the door and there’s this little boy laying on the stoop and I ask him if he’s okay. He says he got hurt or something so I pick him up and lock my door (for some reason I thought he would steal something?) and take him to his house next door. The mother opens the door and says thanks but doesn’t seem to care about him and pays more attention to her blonde daughter thats about the same age. What do these things mean?? haha.

I am currently working on a new layout for this site and I lurve it. I just need to get over some slight technical difficulties in coding it up. haha.