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*should be doing homework, studying, picking classes, ANYTHING productive, but isn’t* =P

WordPress, please stop telling me that there is a new version available to be updated. You’re getting about as bad as I-Tunes.

The next couple weeks are going to be pretty crazy. I can’t believe its mid-October already. And next week is me and Shawn’s two-year anniversary! =)…as well as a mock interview, a football game, and a project/presentation =( Lame.

So I had this dream last night/morning. I was at home (in H-town) and it was morning time and I was getting ready for classes. I apparently was taking this online class but it met at 8:40 on Tuesdays and I was confused and annoyed as to why an online class would have on-campus meetings. haha. Apparently I had skipped this class twice before so I really had to make it on time that morning and was running late. Both my mom and dad were awake and helping me to get ready for the day. For some reason I was sitting on the couch with my mom eating candy and she kept taking my candy. hahaha. Then my dad was like, we have to go pick out a puppy from the animal shelter. So we went and I picked out this cute little white puppy. But it was actually translucent and the only way it would stay white was if you kept dying it in this white liquid. Don’t ask. I was happy in the dream cause it didn’t try to bite me. So yea we go on all these errands (why since I was apparently rushing to class, I don’t know) and eventually my dad drops me off in front of the bldg on campus that my class is in, and I actually end up not being late for class.

When I woke up I had this nice warm fuzzy feeling of days when my dad used to drive me to grade school (or high school), and found it funny that this dream was basically combining past and present. I actually felt like a little kid. (Though I really have no clue about the puppy). I think this dream is a way of reminding me how much I miss that security, where no matter what happens I am always taken care of and always able to make it to wherever I need to be on time. I think my mind is just scared right now and jumping all over the place. There’s too much to think about concerning what the hell I’m going to do after graduating, that I just completely shut down whenever the thought crosses my mind. Like not thinking about it will make it not actually happen. haha.

And now I have to eat my honey nut cheerios so I don’t die in band. Adios amigos.