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Another rainy day

Almost a week till graduation. AHHH.

Still no luck with the job search. Not that I’ve been avidly searching or anything though. Actually, my boyfriend seems to be searching for me more than I am.

New laptop and Adobe software on the way for my post-graduation vegetation activities. I need to re-design my portfolio site. Its starting to look a hot mess. In the process I will force myself to learn Dreamweaver (which I bought a book for in…January?) and get acquainted with the schmancy upgrades of Photoshop CS4 (is it any different?)

As of June 30th I will no longer have a job. oh goody oh boy. ugh. If I don’t find a big girl job by then I at least need to find some sort of retail job in order to not have $0 in income. haha.

If only I were a trust fund baby.

Plinky: What do your shoes say about you?

Well…I'm wearing VANS right now. They're easy to slip on when I'm feeling lazy in the morning. I guess that means I'm lazy? haha

SoulPancake: Do dreams mean something or are they simply brain spasms?

Sometimes I have some really random ass dreams (as many of you know), but sometimes my dreams actually make sense in that they involve something I was thinking about the night before. For example, I was worrying about this test I had the next day and my dream involved me not being able to find the room for the test and consequentially getting a bad grade. I personally don’t think that every dream has some deeper meaning but some are clearly representative of thoughts, worries etc.