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Officially 1 week till graduation O_O

I’ll be honest with you…the only reason I’m blogging is to test out the WordTwit plugin. haha. Well hopefully it works 🙂

I’m not getting a laptop for graduation anymore, so I’m wondering if I should install my Adobe Web Premium on this laptop. I think this laptop would aspodez. :confused:

I just finished reading “Confessions of A Shopaholic” and it was awesome. I have yet to see the movie but from what I can remember from the trailer not much of it was similar (other than the fact that Isla Fisher is pretty perfect for the role lol). I couldn’t help but almost agree with some of the excuses she would make to buy things though…haha.

So I’ve had “Waking Up in Vegas” by Katy Perry in my head since I downloaded it today. Now, I don’t really care for Katy Perry. I think her voice is annoying and awful…and I don’t really like most of her songs. And I don’t even like this song that much but its just way too catchy and I can’t get it out of my head. haha. The video isn’t bad either (below). The guy from Dodgeball is in it hahaha

I’ve also downloaded a couple Lady GaGa songs even though I didn’t care a whole lot for her either. Well I love the beats and synth and stuff she uses…but the melodies are mehh. The beginning of “Poker Face” is awesome but then when it gets to the chorus its like eh nah and I start it over again haha.

I’m going to bed now cause I’m tired…had a doctor’s appt too early in the morning. Night loves! And I hope your moms have a happy mother’s day! lol

ETA: So I’ve been trying to publish this post forever and realized that Google Chrome wouldn’t publish it so I had to use Firefox. I’ve been giving Chrome a chance for a while now and really like the interface but a lot of stuff just doesn’t work. Anyone else use Chrome and have problems posting?

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  1. Hey Melanie! How have you been?
    I like the beat to Lady Gaga’s songs, but I don’t care for the song itself. Her music is okay, though. And I never liked Katy Perry much either, lol. She gets on my nerves for some reason, I’m not sure why.

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