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Beauty Blender Review

So excited about reviewing this product for you guys! I picked up the Beauty Blender (along with a travel size of the Beauty Blender Cleanser) at the Birchbox store exactly a month ago and have been using it ever since I got it. I kept going back and forth on whether I should spend the money on the original Beauty Blender or use one of the dupes that are floating around, but I’m so glad I got the original.

The sponge itself is hot pink (adorable!) and the texture is extremely soft and super squishy. Sometimes I’ll just sit there squishing the sponge for no reason haha. The best way to use this sponge is wet. I’ve tried to use it dry and it was honestly terrible, but wet is a completely different story. To use it wet, run it under water and then make sure to squeeze out excess water (I also squeeze it in a towel to make sure that there is no excess water). It will expand to almost double its original size. Since the sponge can absorb liquid foundation a little bit, I apply my foundation to my face in little dots/patches before using the Beauty Blender instead of applying it directly to the sponge. Then all I do is use a bouncing (or stippling) motion to blend the foundation into my skin. Since there are no edges to this sponge, there will be no annoying brush stroke marks which was a problem I had when I used a foundation brush, even a good one. I use the pointier end of the sponge to get into smaller corners like around my nose and under my eyes.

This seriously gives the most perfect finish for your foundation! It looks airbrushed and beautifully blended. The wetness of the sponge also feels really nice as you’re applying your foundation and is great for those of use who have dry patches (like me). I’ve watched a couple reviews on YouTube comparing the Beauty Blender to the less expensive Sonia Kashuk version, and many say that the Beauty Blender is much more soft and has more give to it (squishier) whereas the Sonia Kashuk is more dense and a little harder. So while I can’t say for sure if the Sonia Kashuk will provide the same application since I haven’t tried it, I’m definitely glad I picked up the original Beauty Blender instead.

As for the Beauty Blender cleanser, it does an okay job of cleaning the sponge. I find that I have to apply much more than a “small amount” like the directions say to really get everything off the sponge. I would imagine that any brush cleanser or even dish soap or baby shampoo would work just as well as this cleanser, so I would suggest picking up only the Beauty Blender and not paying extra for the cleanser.

All in all, I LOVE my Beauty Blender and I’d highly suggest it. I don’t know if I will ever go back to using a foundation brush!

My Rating: 5stars

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  1. That’s good to hear! I keep hearing it mentioned. I’m going to have to pick up when I see it. Everyone seems to love them.

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