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boredom ensues

This weekend went by in about 5 seconds. I got my hair cut on Saturday! You can check it out in the “recent photos” on the sidebar. I also went to my friend’s 21st birthday party which was a ton of fun. On Sunday I checkout out of my old apartment and helped my boyfriend clean up his old apartment to check out. Then we saw Batman again. There were a ton of small children in the theater though…I’m really not sure why people bring little kids to movie theaters. I mean I could understand if I was seeing like WALL-E or something, but the Dark Knight?

I can’t believe senior year is approaching in less than a month. I really don’t feel ready for the whole job hunting thing. I really don’t have any solid goals, or anything that I definitely want to do. haha. I just want to end up somewhere where I’m comfortable and doing something I can tolerate on a day-to-day basis.

I’ve been trying to add videos to my online portfolio for like three months. Everytime I try to upload them to my server through FTP they just take forever and don’t do anything. I tried Youtube and the same thing happens. Maybe my files are too big? They’re online like 2 minutes long though so I’m not sure why they’d be big. Anyone have any suggestions?