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why so serious?

Yes, Batman was amazingly good as was Mamma Mia which I saw the following night. See them!

I can’t believe its Monday already, I can’t wait for Friday again haha. Should be a pretty good weekend. I’m should be seeing Batman again on Friday with Shawn and then on Saturday night I’m going to my friend’s 21st birthday party and staying up at Temple for the night. The next day I’ll probably spend checking out of my apartment and helping clean my boyfriend’s place so he can check out as well.

I’ve been pretty sleepy all day and I’m not sure why. Bleh. I hope this week doesn’t take forever. Hopefully it shouldn’t. The project we’re working on for my internship is pretty interesting so that should make the days go by a little faster. Allllmost August! Ugh do not want to go to band camp though =( I really doubt it’ll be all nice and rainy and cool like it was last summer. That was so amazing.

I don’t really have much more to write about. Off I go…

1 thought on “why so serious?”

  1. Batman was crazy good. It’s a shame that such talent is gone forever. My boyfriend thinks he might be hiding out somewhere with a new face and identity and that he could come back, but I believe something like that would end his career for him better than death ever could.

    As for Mamma Mia, although I haven’t seen it, all the trailers featuring Pierce Brosnan singing make me cringe almost instantaneously. First of all, this is never how I expected our generation’s James Bond to go out. C’mon now. Musicals are just totally out of left field! And honestly, the guy doesn’t have a pleasant voice. It sounds like he’s shouting in a gruff voice the whole time, just barely melodic. But that’s just me. I’ll see it before I completely pass it off. I’m glad the blond from Mean Chicks got a piece of the spotlight though.

    Well, I hope this week passes off quickly for you. Enjoy the upcoming weekend when it comes.

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