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Bundle of Negativity

That’s me today. Holy crap I am tired. Like…can’t-open-my-eyes-going-to-pass-out-at-my-desk tired. It doesn’t help that my website literally took like 10 minutes to load on me. Wtf is with that? Any of you guys having issues loading my blog? Let me know. Geez I forgot what I wanted to blog about just waiting for the page to load.

Oh yes I remember…the huge headache that has been going on in the last week with trying to pay my rent. All I want to do is give these people my damn money and go on with my life. Apparently that is asking too much. So I mailed my rent check, like I always do, to the same address that I always do, on July 27th. Although I try to do it on the 25th, it still had a good number of days to get to its destination, which is a very close-by town, and usually it gets there the following day. August 1st comes and goes, and then its August 2nd and I realize that my check hasn’t cleared my account. I call them various times that day and then once the next day. Not only had they still not received my check, but they tell me I have some balance on my account of $100+ because I’ve been paying the “wrong” amount of rent ($15 below what they had listed for my apartment). Well, I hadn’t been paying the wrong amount at all, and called my property manager to verify that I was paying the correct amount, which I was. So I call this company back to tell them of their error, which they admitted and said they would correct the following day. Well they still didn’t have my check, so I mailed out another one on Thursday and paid $25 to stop payment on the lost one. So today I’m sitting here frantically checking my bank account to see if my new check made it there. Its now the 8th, a week late than when it should have gotten there. I’m pretty religious about making sure my rent checks make it in time, and they always have. If this one doesn’t make it there I have no idea what to do. I’m not paying another $25 and mailing out another check, and god only knows how much in late fees I have right now. Obviously, if they don’t get it, there is something wrong with their mail sorting or with the post office or something. What a pain in the ass.

Update: Whew I checked this morning and it cleared my account. In the letter I sent them I told them to call me if I had any outstanding fees, but they haven’t…so I’m assuming I don’t have any. Nah I take that back…I’m assuming I do and they just don’t call me because they’re incompetent. Whatevs.

At the risk of sounding like a complete bundle of negativity today, I will say that my weekend was pretty good. The bf and I went to a fundraiser party at our apartment complex on Saturday. It was pretty big and there were lots of drinks and food. The only downside was that I really wanted to go in the pool, but it was a little bit chilly (unlike every other day the past 2 weeks, of course) and the sun wasn’t out. I did hop in for like 2 minutes but it was too uncomfortably cold so I got out (plus the bf doesn’t go in pools, so me just standing there by myself was awkward). I had quite a lot of drinks for it being like 4 in the afternoon, and the bartender loved my bright pink credit card. Like he seriously shouted “the PINK card!!” and waved it around in the air and showed it to another bartender. I guess it must suck, as a bartender, to have to go through a huge stack of credit cards that all look alike when someone closes their tab. haha. Anyway, it started to rain at like 5, so we started walking home even though I had just gotten a beer and it was in a clear plastic cup, so there was no way I could like…conceal it. Luckily I made it back home without any cops noticing I was “carrying alcohol in an open container” and possibly intoxicated. LOL.

That’s all for today. I will continue to anxiously check my bank account. If nothing shows up by tomorrow, I’ll have to call them again and I have a feeling I’m going to be super duper pissed off. “Don’t tell me you didn’t get my damn check!! I mailed it to you TWICE!!”. Can’t wait for that. X(

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  1. Your website loaded fine for me. You seem to be having a lot of trouble with your internet lately. What browser are you using?

    That really sucks about the rent thing. It would be annoying to have to send out a check every month. I think at at least one of my apartments I gave them post dated checks for every month that I was going to be living there (I had a set end date) so I didn’t even have to think about rent. Just had to make sure I had the money in my account. At the last apartment they had some sort of direct deposit so they just took the rent right out of my boyfriend bank account every month. Maybe you should ask your landlords if there is any other payment method you could use.

    1. Yea I think it was just a glitch that was happening at that moment b/c it hasn’t acted up since. I’m using Chrome 🙂 Usually my internet is fine at work, but our connection at my apartment is terrible.

      Ugh I wish there was another way to pay! But they just tell us to mail the check to a certain address so I don’t think there is. I wouldn’t even mind if I could just drop it in a box at the leasing office (which is how my last apt was), but our payments are managed by a really large company so it has to go there. Their largeness is probably why stuff gets lost too =/

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