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Bye Bye Split Ends

Apparently I really like posting on Mondays. I guess its because the weekend gives me something to talk about, whereas nothing of much importance happens during the week. Or I just save everything up for one post, which means the post is extremely long (like this one).

On Friday, Shawn surprised me by suggesting we go out for dinner after work. While waiting for him to get finished work, I browsed Liberty Place and ended up picking up this cute shirt from Express to add to my work wardrobe. I have a ton of button down shirts from Express, but this one is a bit different with the ruffles and flared out bottom. It was on clearance plus I had a gift-card so it was free. 🙂 For dinner, we ended up picking Buca Di Beppo since we were kind of tired of Pietro’s but I still wanted pizza of some sort. We decided on the lobster pizza and it was yummy! We wanted a dessert, but since everything there is served family-sized, the desserts were way too big for both of us (and pretty pricey).

On Saturday I finally decided I had had enough with my split ends so I went to the Hair Cuttery for a trim. I’ve never been to a Hair Cuttery…I usually go to Bubbles in Center City. But since all I really needed was a little trim, I figured the Hair Cuttery down the street would be more convenient (within walking distance!) and cheaper. Shawn was also in serious need of a cut since his mullet look was returning, which will never be in style, so it had to go. I really liked the stylist I had. She fixed up some of my layers since the previous cut I had gotten before was a little…off. I had figured that something was wrong with it before (because the layers were so blunt and not textured at all), so it was nice to have that fixed up. And she only trimmed my hair an inch, so its still nice and long. I hate when I tell a stylist to trim it an inch or less and they take a ton of the length off. And the best part is, it was only $22 as opposed to the $40+ I usually pay to get my hair cut. I think I’ll stick to the Hair Cuttery (and that particular stylist) for my routine trims, while going to Bubbles if I want to mix it up or do something more than a trim.

Sunday was Father’s Day, so I (+Shawn) went to my house to hang out for a bit. We just kind of chilled out for the afternoon and I read some more of the book I’m reading, which is “The Watchtower” from The Dark Tower series by Stephen King…I like it! For dinner, we all went to an Indian restaurant called Taj. I love Indian food, especially when a buffet is involved because I can get a whole ton of my favorite Chicken Tikka Masala. yum!

This weekend, I also managed to spend around $90 at the drugstore. Wtf? Can some explain how this happens? Because it is totally not good for my budget, which I already find difficult to keep to. I do know that around $27 of it was medication related (damn Allegra. I can’t not take it for one day or I break out in hives). I also know that $15 of it was toilet paper. Yes, toilet paper. I told Shawn to pick some up while we were in the store (expecting to get one of those four pack rolls that I usually get) and he came back with a huge 16 roll thing that cost way more than I thought it would. At least we’re good on toilet paper for awhile. The rest were probably miscellaneous things that added up to a lot: eye liner, burt’s bees, nail stickers, hot pockets, 3 things of gum, watering can, sponges, other stuff I don’t remember…okay, maybe it isn’t that impossible that I spent $90 at CVS. hahaha. I’m not allowed near a drugstore for at least 5 days. 😕

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