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I feel like I’ve been posting here way more often than my beauty blog! What has the world come to?

Its getting down to the wire for settlement for the new condo! Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we purchased a few items: two nightstands from IKEA (we want the matching dresser but its sold out :(( ), a little TV, and a few kitchen items. Big items that we still need are a futon, and of course the dresser. Its this one…not in store in our store but available online. I’m not paying $100 for shipping, though, so I’ll have to wait until it comes back in stock. We also need to get a couple area rugs. For some reason I have such a hard time with rugs. I can never find one that I think is perfect, and I feel like there’s so many gaudy patterns out there. We may just end up getting a plain one without a pattern. I’m pretty sure we also need to get blinds for all our windows. And I need to get stuff for the second bathroom. Oh my bank account is not going to be in a happy place when January hits haha.

I think I’m the only person on Earth who doesn’t want to win the Powerball? Like if I actually won that, I’d be more worried and anxious about all the attention I would get than actually being happy that I won a very large sum of money. The thought of winning some HUGE thing is so scary to me. I think I’d rather win like $1,000 or something…much less attention, and I’d be pretty happy I won it. Why am I so strange? lol

So I tried making homemade pizza last weekend. It was going well but I needed yeast for the bread dough, and it was nowhere in our grocery store. Our store is small and terrible, but I still couldn’t believe they didn’t have it. Do any of you bakers out there know if yeast (specifically active dry yeast) is usually available in grocery stores? Only because I’m going to try a different grocery store this weekend, but don’t want to make the trip if its not going to be there too! I still ended up making the pizza with some pre-packaged dough…it turned out alright, but I should have let it get a bit crispier.

I am loving the chilly weather we’re having. I don’t even like cold weather itself (its more-so that I prefer it to extremely hot weather…uck!). I think I like the winter season because I like staying inside, and I feel like sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket watching Netflix for several hours is more socially acceptable in the winter than in the spring and summer haha. I also love cold weather clothes and fashions way more than summer. I wish it would snow here, though. We haven’t really had any snow yet (or anything substantial at least).

Speaking of Netflix, does anyone have any suggestions for TV shows to watch on Netflix or Hulu? I’m just finishing up Doctor Who and was thinking about American Horror Story. I’d also like to watch Revolution, but the first few eps aren’t on Hulu unless I pay for that Hulu Plus crap which I had before and wasn’t worth it.

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    1. Yea I actually don’t think its hard to find here at all…I think it must be my store, which is really small. 🙁

  1. Your not the only one about the Powerball, I could careless, even if my bf won because he played I would also be worried about the money grubbers & all that attention. I feel if I was meant to have it, I will.

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