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Comments and my Vacation!

Hello all…just a very quick post to let you guys know that comments are now working again. For some strange reason, they were not showing on any September posts and I was away on vacation this week so I had no idea. Hopefully they are fixed for good! If you wanted to post a comment on any of those entries, feel free to do so 🙂 If you have any trouble with comments in the future, please let me know through Twitter or Facebook!

I wanted to post a haul from my vacation in Atlantic City but I only got a couple things so its probably not worth it lol. The Coach outlet was having a 30% off all clearance sale, so I finally replaced my wallet! I really love it, although it is slightly larger than my previous one. I also picked up a gray pencil skirt from the Banana Republic outlet for 50% off. Outlet stores are the death of me! haha

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Have a good weekend everyone =)