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My Rainy Vacation

Sorry about not blogging this week…I was away for most of the week in Atlantic City for vacation! It was a nice trip, but unfortunately it rained quite a bit so I don’t think we really made the most of it. It was still fun though.

We left on Tuesday and took the train there (its fairly close…maybe like an hour and a half train ride). It was POURING when we were walking (well, running) from the bus to the train station. It was only a few feet but my poor black flats were submerged in water so that wasn’t fun to have to sit and walk in for the rest of the day lol. I ended up having to throw them out at the hotel (this is probably the 3rd time they’ve been submerged in water because of the rain) and they smelled terrible. We stayed at the Tropicana, which was a good choice because there’s a lot of stuff to do inside (shops and a lot of food options). We went to PF Chang’s for dinner (got a free appetizer with a Facebook coupon!) and walked around the Boardwalk a bit.

On Wednesday we did a lot of walking and hit up the outlet stores. I got a wallet from the Coach outlet and a skirt from Banana Republic. Shawn got a sweater, pants, and sneakers. It was his birthday so I got him the sweater =p Luckily it didn’t rain while we were out…it was actually fairly nice. We went back to the hotel and had dinner at Carmine’s, which is kind of like Maggiano’s and Buca Di Beppo with the family sized portions. We got spaghetti and meatballs to split, and it was HUGE. Like…feed a family of four huge. We ended up bringing half of it back to the hotel to save for lunch the next day, which was interesting since we didn’t have a microwave to heat it up haha. It was still okay cold though. It poured on Wednesday night so we stayed in and watched some movies. We don’t have cable at home, so having so many channels to choose from is a treat LOL.

The next day was when we planned to go to the beach. Of course, it rained. I wanted to see The Dark Knight in the IMAX but we didn’t plan it well enough and by the time we thought of it, it had already started. So we walked around the casino and gambled a little bit. For the first time ever, I won money…$7! hahaha. I mean I always lose money, so it was kind of cool to win anything even if it was just a small amount. We had dinner at The Palm, which I’ve been to before (the Philly location). It was supposed to be my treat for Shawn’s birthday, but let’s just say our bill ended up being well over half of what our hotel stay was. Eek! It was good, but we could have probably done without a few things that we ordered. And our waiter could have not brought us the larger size of wine even though I asked for the smaller one…of course I didn’t realize that until later. He also kept asking if I was 21 and saying that he really hoped I was 21 lol. We weren’t sure if he was just being funny or whatever, but I would have rather he just asked to see my ID. After dinner, we walked around on the boardwalk and saw this 3D Light Show. It was really cool, but I misjudged the timing (apparently this was a bad day for timing skills lol) so we were waiting around for like an hour and half before.

And of course the following day (yesterday), the weather was gorgeous…when we were leaving. Just our luck! lol. And today, its raining yet again. So tired of all the rain! I went to the grocery store today and picked up stuff for some new recipes, so look out for another recipe post soon!

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  1. I’m sorry you had such bad weather!! Your walk around town reminds me of our first week in Cork, when we went to live in Ireland. I had a job interview, and it was at a hospital far up beyond the university, and we lived on the other side of town, so I had to walk up there. And the rain poured down. I was soaked, and I had the flu with a bad cough as well:( It just got worse when I went back, and I remember shopping new clothes just to have something dry to put on! I had hot tea and changed to dry clothes in a pub. Hahaha 🙂

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