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day 24: whatever tickles your fancy

Luckily today was “whatever tickles your fancy” because I have a different meme to do! 🙂 Worked out nicely.

1. Reply to this post and I’ll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

Cara gave me the letter “R”. There’s actually not a lot of songs that I would consider absolute favorites that begin with “R” but I tried my best! haha

1. “Reptilia” – The Strokes
[gplayer href=”http://www.adorability.org/music/blog/TheStrokes_Reptilia.mp3″ ][/gplayer]

2. “Run Baby Run” – Garbage
[gplayer href=”http://www.adorability.org/music/blog/Garbage_RunBabyRun.mp3″ ][/gplayer]

3. “Ruthless” – Something Corporate
[gplayer href=”http://www.adorability.org/music/blog/SomethingCorporate_Ruthless.mp3″ ][/gplayer]

4. “Real World” – Matchbox 20
[gplayer href=”http://www.adorability.org/music/blog/Matchbox20_RealWorld.mp3″ ][/gplayer]

5. “Rinse” – Vanessa Carlton
[gplayer href=”http://www.adorability.org/music/blog/VanessaCarlton_Rinse.mp3″ ][/gplayer]