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day 25: your day in great detail

I would be in bed right now if not for the fact that I’m waiting for my nails to dry cause I just put polish on them. So I figure I’ll do this.

Uh, well today was a Sunday (and also Halloween). I got up around 11 cause I’m lazy on weekends. I had a bagel and a coffee from Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. I spent till around 3 playing around on the computer. I figured out how to do image rollovers using only CSS instead of Javascript which was exciting, so I changed that part of my site around…you can’t really tell because it looks the same, but I did add some rollover effects on the social media icons at the top. After realizing that basically my entire day had been spent on the computer, I decided it was time for a shower. After the shower, I made lunch which was just my leftovers from yesterday’s dinner at Fellini’s (penne puttanesca! yumm). Then I kind of just sat in the living room on my computer waiting for trick or treaters. There were only a few groups that came by (probably 5 total throughout the evening). I also started my laundry. Shawn called me at 7 and we talked until 730. Then I had dinner…which was salmon, rice, and broccoli. After dinner I talked to Shawn on AIM and put my laundry away and straightened up my room a bit. Then I took off my black nail polish (probably not the best choice for work haha) and put on clear, which is drying now. And hopefully its done because I’m off to bed! I should also mention that I ate entirely too much chocolate today and now I feel all gross. haha. O wells! Hope everyone had a great Halloween 🙂

O yea…”day 26″ is supposed to be my week in great detail. So theres a strong possibility I may not blog until next weekend…because how else will I be able to blog about my week? haha

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  1. Sounds like you had a relaxing time! I’m jealous. I went over to my mother’s for halloween to see ny niece and nephew before they went trick or treating. they were crazy/sugar high. 😀

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