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day 26: your week in great detail

My weeks aren’t usually the most exciting…so this entry probably isn’t going to be as long as it could haha.

Monday I went to work. I found out about Shawn getting a job that night, so that was exciting. I also started reading Mini Shopaholic, which I’m actually halfway through already. I don’t remember Tuesday being very good because my stomach was acting all funny and I didn’t feel super well. I also came home to find my computer wouldn’t turn on so I had to do a system restore (which also gave me an error saying that it wasn’t able to restore or something), but when I restarted it worked normally again. I spent a long time trying to uninstall the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta (which expired last Sunday). For some reason the program wasn’t uninstalling and kept giving me an error so I had to download some cleaning program to get rid of it.

Wednesday…I don’t remember anything happening Wednesday? I went to work and exercised when I got back. Later I watched Top Model. My favorites this cycle are probably Chelsey and Kayla. I used to like Ann but eh…shes been getting too worked up about everything lately it seems. After that I watched Modern Family. Thursday was pouring when I left for work in the morning…had to wear the cool rainboots. The whole day was pretty dreary and it was still raining when I got back. Watched CSI that night.

Yesterday after work I went to my friend’s birthday dinner in Manayunk which was a ton of fun. I got a yummy cajun chicken pasta (which I’m hoping to finish off for lunch today) and a couple drinks…one which was pink and the other which was blue. haha. Then we went to a bar nearby afterwards. I wouldn’t mind living in Manayunk. Theres a ton of cool little shops and restaurants. As for this weekend I really don’t have any clue what I’m doing. Probably just sitting around haha.