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day 27: your month in great detail

I’m not sure if this means the month of November, or the happenings of October 11 until now, since that would cover a whole month. I think I’m just going to ramble about whatever is going on now instead of boring you with stuff you already know 🙂

As I mentioned before, Shawn got a new job here in Philly which starts in January. What we’ve planned is for my dad and I (and maybe my mom) to drive down to Charlotte on the 17th of December and stay the weekend. Then we’d take him back to Philly with whatever stuff he has, which is mostly clothes and dishware…although we need to figure out the best way to strap a mattress to the roof of our van (anyone have any experience with this? haha). I’m super excited about getting an apartment, and hopefully we’re able to find something available relatively soon for the end of January. I’ve already created a wishlist on Amazon of stuff to get for the new place. I’ve discovered Pier1 and I’m loving their pillows and other home decor. Probably more than I should (or rather, more than my wallet should). At any rate, that’ll be a big adventure come December…and one I’m definitely looking forward to. I feel like this month is just kind of…waiting.

For Thanksgiving this year we’re having a few friends of my mom’s over that I don’t know, which should be nice and awkward for me…but I guess not anyone else. I suppose its better than just the 3 of us, but is it silly of me to want some semblance of “tradition” (as far as holidays go)? Perhaps tradition is overrated, and maybe its just because its something I never really had, but I can’t help but be a tad jealous of people with large families who do the same stuff every holiday and will be able to do the same stuff with their kids and so on. At least it leaves you with memories and something to look forward to. Looking back on past Thanksgivings/Christmases, I really have no idea what happened…nothing really stands out in my head. We just did a bit of this-and-that every year, nothing really cohesive. Eh oh well…I suppose I have the rest of my life to create traditions =p

This weekend I’m going to Naked Chocolate Cafe with a couple friends. I’ve never been there before but apparently its delicious 🙂