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day 5: your favorite quote

I’m a day late with this one as well, but I didn’t get back till close to 12AM last night so I have an excuse! haha

I’m not really a quotes person. I actually got rid of the quote section of my facebook cause none of them really meant anything to me haha. I like funny lines from movies and stuff, but I don’t have like any meaningful “quotations” that I live my life by. I guess the only one I can think of is from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (yay for tying into my movie post! lol). “Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating” (said by the character of Joel). Its pretty self-explanatory I guess?

The parents and I went to Hershey yesterday which was pretty fun. We went through the chocolate factory tour (which is a lot more theatrical then I remember lol). Then we checked out the outlet stores. I got a pair of black flats from the GAP outlet. I also got a yellow sweater from Dress Barn for work. They had a lot of cute stuff there but almost all the sizes were larges =/ After the outlets we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant and then went to see the movie “The American”. It was alright. Very slow moving and uneventful until the end. When we got home (close to 12AM) there were still people out in the circle sitting around talking. They stayed up till 2 in the freakin morning talking…and it wasn’t like they were talking softly to be courteous or anything. I also heard some kid screaming “mommy! mommy!” at like 2:15. Why a small child is not only awake but outside at that hour is beyond me. Luckily after that it became quiet, and I got a pretty good night’s rest. I woke up to pouring rain which I love on weekend mornings. 🙂 And no powertools going off at 6AM either (I can’t even think about the level of pissed I would have been if there had been. haha)