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do you feel so lucky now

I’m still pretty sick and it sucks =( Ugh I’m going through tissues like crazy.

I might go see POTC3 again tomorrow cause my dad wants to see it and has no one to go with. lol. And maybe stop by Kohl’s to see if they still have those sunglasses I wanted..

Yea I really don’t have much to talk about today. haha. O yea…two new hostees =) Danelle and Katrina! I’ll let you know when their sites are up 🙂

3 thoughts on “do you feel so lucky now”

  1. Hopefully you start feeling well soon. Being sick is just awful. Especially in the summer.

    Oh, POTC3 was awesome! I went with my mom.

    Congrats on the two new hostees!

  2. Yeah lol I can’t wait till wordpress works and I can skin my site! I’ll let you know though and thanks for all the help so far!

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