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Domain Renewal Headaches

So the past three days I’ve been dealing with trying to renew this domain…which shouldn’t be that difficult but apparently this week sucks and nothing can be easy haha. It went something like this (a very simplified version, of course)…

Me: I received an email from you telling me to renew my domain, how do I do this.
Domain provider: contact such-and-such company
Me: such-and-such company does not handle domain renewal. It says on their website. *copy pastes exact text from website*
Domain provider: Your domain is pending transfer, not renewal
Me: ?? I transfered it a year ago.
Domain provider: Again, the only person who can help you is such-and-such company.

I contact such-and-such company and receive an email back that was basically: We cannot help you, your domain provider handles this. Also, Your domain is not pending transfer. It was transfered in June of 2010.

Me: *copy pastes email response from such-and-such company as well as various other statements from such-and-such company’s website that they do not handle renewals or transfers*
Domain provider: We will look into this.

Day and a half passes

Domain provider: Your domain is renewed.

Notice the complete lack of apology or anything really indicating that they were completely wrong in telling me to contact the other company, or even an explanation of what happened. Gotta love customer service!

I’ve also been waking up everyday with a ridiculous headache and today I woke up with some itchy red splotch on my forehead (attractive.) And I forgot to run the dryer both last night and this morning so there will be a nice pile of wet clothes in there now when I return.

In better news, it appears that the ants are gone.