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Easter Weekend

Just realized my last post was my 200th. Woo!

Hope everyone had a nice Easter. Our’s was quiet, since we mostly celebrated on Saturday. Shawn’s family came over in the afternoon (and brought lots of chocolate!) and my parents came in the evening and brought Easter dinner (ham, cheddar cheese mashed potatoes, and string beans). Everything was delicious, and we still have some mashed potatoes and a bunch of chocolate to finish up. I’ll probably be working on the chocolate for quite a while lol. I did have the urge to go somewhere yesterday, though. Kind of wanted to dress up in a pretty sun-dress (which I don’t have) and go to a brunch or something…but alas there was nothing like that taking place to attend. We used to go to stuff like that with the family when I was younger, but there’s no one really around to do stuff like that with anymore unless its just my parents that go.

Yesterday was surprisingly warm. It went up to 83 degrees I believe. Carrying heavy groceries bags back to our apartment in the heat was not fun at all! We turned on the AC for the first time last night, and I discovered it makes a lot of racket (and by “discovered”, I mean it woke me up at 2 in the morning and I couldn’t fall back to sleep. >.<). Between that and Shawn having to get up at 4AM for a meeting in Jersey, I had a pretty sleepless night. *clutches coffee* Update on Operation Ant Extermination: So they seem to be enjoying consuming the Terro that I put down (apparently it took them like 2 weeks to realize it was there?). There’s a whole ton of them now all around one little spot by the door. They don’t seem to actually be dying off though, which is unsettling. I guess I have to give it some more time. I just hate seeing a ton of ants crawling all over that spot, especially since its near our dining room table that we eat at daily.

Speaking of the apartment, we finally put up the new wall art in the bedroom and also put up these little mirrors that we got back in January. They look pretty nice, so I’ll probably post a couple more updated photos at some point.

I’m not sure how many of you follow my beauty blog, Adorability Beautified, but I just wanted to give it a little shout-out. I should be updating it a lot more lately with reviews and such, so please follow on RSS if you’re interested at all! I’m not sure if anyone actually reads it…it says I get page views but there’s usually zero comments haha. Also wanted to mention this new site I found called Beautylish…which is like a social network for beauty product lovers. Its pretty fun and useful, though I think my favorite part of the site is the website design. (I’m a geek.) If you do join, here’s my profile for you to friend. 🙂

Oh, and random music news that makes me oh-so-happy: Both Vanessa Carlton and Evanescence (aka two of my favorite musicians/bands) have new albums coming out this year! The Vanessa Carlton album, Rabbits on the Run, comes out June 21st and Evanescence’s album comes out in the Fall sometime. Exciting!

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  1. Thanks for the happy birthday, your easter sounded great! Don’t start complaining about the heat, it’s bloody freezing here.

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