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Flies and the USPS…both annoying

Jeez I am tired today. I could barely get out of bed this morning. It took some real willpower to even hop in the shower haha. After having a huge thing of coffee, I can still barely keep my eyes open. Curse you, Mondays! Did anyone else feel like this weekend flew by much faster than usual?

If you follow me on Twitter, you’re aware that my apartment was basically invaded by flies on Thursday and Friday. lol. There were probably more than 20 over those past two days that got into our apartment and were just sitting on the insides of our balcony door and front door. I bought some bug spray on Friday afternoon, and sprayed all of them when I got back. On Saturday, however, I noticed that more had come in. After looking around in CVS, I saw this stuff by Raid called “Bug Barrier” (or something to that effect) that you spray all around the doors and windows which is supposed to create some sort of a barrier for incoming bugs. Well…it actually works! After basically dousing our doors and windows in the stuff on Saturday, I didn’t see one fly yesterday. Its supposed to last for 12 weeks or something, although I doubt it will last that long so I’ll probably re-apply it once a week. So yea…if you have a fly problem, I highly suggest this stuff!

On Saturday night, I went out with Shawn for a little “date night”. We went to PF Chang’s, which I had never been to before. Although the wait was a little long and the service was a bit slow at first, the food was delicious. After dinner, we went to see “Horrible Bosses”. Guys…see this movie. It was absolutely hilariousss and I was laughing really hard through almost all of it. Shawn thought it was just “ok”, but trust me, it was super funny.

And now for my rant about the US Postal Service…

So I was supposed to get a package delivered on Saturday, specifically my July Birchbox. Exciting! Well no…because I never got it. I guess USPS decided my package wasn’t worthy of their time to deliver, because I go online the next day to look up the tracking and it says “attempted delivery at 3:45pm” and “Notice left at door”. That’s funny…because I was there at that time (all day actually) and no one knocked/rang the doorbell let alone came up to my door, and no notice was left at all. I call the post office this morning and after being put on hold for longer than I should have, the lady tells me it might be somewhere else and she’ll call me back. That was a couple hours ago and I doubt I will actually get a call back. Yey. X(

I am in a bit of a rut today. Maybe its the package issue, or the being really tired issue, or the fact that I had a dream last night that I had a job as a “freelance blogger” which I’m not even sure is an actual profession, but it seems cool.

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