Daily Life

Halloween and Hurricanes

Hello all and Happy Halloween! I’m back in work today. We were closed two days (Monday and Tuesday) due to the hurricane. Luckily, my area (Philly) wasn’t as affected as other areas. My power never went out, and besides some strong wind and rain everything was fairly normal.

Over the weekend I went to Virginia for a friend’s Halloween party. I was a clown! Here’s a couple pictures:

I didn’t wear the nose very much because it kind of blocked my vision and I couldn’t eat/drink very easily haha.

I basically spent my “hurrication” sitting on the couch watching Doctor Who on Netflix. My friend loves it (the one in the middle of the first pic above…she was a dalek). Its really good! I’m through the first season and a little way through the second.

I haven’t been feeling very well yesterday and today. Yesterday I started having a very dull pain in my chest, which seems to be slowly going away but I’m not completely sure. Today I feel like my breath is very short and I started to feel kind of woosy earlier. I’m not sure if its just allergies/change of season stuff or if I’m coming down with something. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. Ugh.

Hope everyone has a great Halloween and rest of the week!