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Influenster Beauty Blogger Vox Box

I was so excited to receive my Beauty Blogger Vox Box from Influenster last week! If you haven’t signed up for Influenster yet, click here to request an invite (or let me know your email address in the comments and I can send you an invite) because its such an awesome program! Here is what came in my box…

  • Not Your Mother’s Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream I kind of would have preferred the curl cream (which some people got) since I curl my hair much more often than straighten, but this product did not disappoint! I used it before blowdrying, and my hair turned out frizz free and practically straight before I even ran my flat iron through it. Great product!
  • Goody Simple Styles spin pins I love the idea of these and they are SO easy to use (I’m someone who is a bit challenged when it comes to fancyish hairstyles). However, I think these were a bit too long for my thin hair, because the ends of the pins were visible and poking out (although it did keep my hair very secure). I think I may pick up the “mini” version of these that Goody also sells!
  • NYC Individual Eyes Palettes I haven’t tried this palette yet, but it looks like it would be perfect for a smokey eye! It also comes with a primer and highlighter which are super convenient to have in the same palette, especially when traveling.
  • Kiss Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit I don’t wear falsies (never have) so to be honest I’m not sure if I will ever try this. Halloween is coming up though…and I may make use of these, or give them to someone who definitely would!
  • Bath and Body Works mini candle in “Black Pepper Bergamot” I love B&BW’s candles! The scent of this is very musky and reminds me of cologne (which is to say I love it lol). I wish the scent throw was a little better, but it is such a tiny candle. There is also a coupon included for a $10 3-wick candle from B&BW (50% off the original price) which I used this past weekend! The sales people were so amazed at the coupon because they had never seen it before. I had to explain Influenster to them! =p
  • EBOOST EBOOST is a powder that you add to water (orange flavor) that is supposed to be a natural energy booster. While I haven’t yet tried this pack, I did receive it in my December Birchbox from last year. I remember thinking it was okay for the energy, but I wasn’t a fan of the flavor or carbonation.

Did any of you guys get the Influenster Beauty Blogger Vox Box? What did you think of it?

3 thoughts on “Influenster Beauty Blogger Vox Box”

  1. I got mine too!! The lashes are okay, you’re not missing out on much. I got the candle scent Pumpkin Cupcake, it smells delicious but yours sounds really good too I want to smell it now!

  2. the false lashes look fun! i normally don’t wear them in every day circumstances, but for special occasions they look pretty! x

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