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Happy Spring?

Its been abnormally warm here the past few days (for early March at least). Despite being more a fan of cooler weather, its definitely a nice change…I just don’t want it to get too warm.

This week started off pretty stellar with me leaving my lunch bag on the bus on Monday morning. I was carrying a package to mail, my purse, and my coffee (and also half asleep due to stupid Daylight Savings) so its not that hard to see how I did it, but I was still kicking myself all day about it. I tried to run after the bus (which was by that point out of sight) and ended up coughing for half the day because of that. After placing a few calls to SEPTA both that day and the following day it was obvious that I wasn’t going to get my pretty Vera Bradley lunchbag back, so I used a gift card I had to get a new one off Amazon. They’ve update their lunch bags to a new style, so hopefully I like it and its the right size and all. I have no idea where my poor lunch bag ended up, but hopefully someone ate my egg salad and yogurt because if they didn’t its probably pretty smelly. X( Still can’t believe I lost it…bah!

The rest of the week so far has been fairly uneventful, but going really slowly. Probably because its been so nice out and it makes the day seem longer when you’re inside. I was able to get out yesterday evening to play some tennis with Shawn (and I surprisingly didn’t suck as much as I thought I would).

I’ve decided that I really want to start a little herb garden this year. I wanted to last year and then kind of forgot about the idea, but I’m definitely going to now! I’m hoping that I’m better at that than I was with my flowers, which didn’t turn out that well (they were poorly neglected). I’ve been looking up stuff online…starter kits and just different types of pots and stuff. There is one pot that looks great called a window box and its self-watering, which is good for people like me who seem to be gardening-challenged. I know that I want to grow basil and cilantro and maybe parsley or oregano. Besides that I am a total n00b…anyone have any tips? What pots/soil/seeds etc do you use and how long does it usually take to grow? Do you grow more than one type of plant in the same pot?

Besides the lunchbag incident, I’m feeling pretty positive. Its funny what some warmer weather can do…

4 thoughts on “Happy Spring?”

  1. Total suck about forgetting your lunchbag. :<

    I'm pretty damn garden-challenged myself. My Mum does it all, she's got the green thumb in my family. We keep telling her to go into like flower arrangements and stuff and she's like I DON'T WANNA!!

  2. When I saw on Twitter that you lost your bag, I was so sad for you! That would be really frustrating. And annoying that they never found it, which means someone else probably stole it.

    It has been warmer here too and I love it. It just puts you in a better mood. I was able to walk to and from work yesterday which makes me feel happy that I’m sort of exercising and also saving money that I would be spending on taking the bus.

    I want to start growing some plants too, but I don’t really have a place to put them that are near a window. I wish there was a good ledge for them to sit on, but the ledges are all just to narrow.

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