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HYD For Men Product Review

I (or rather, my boyfriend Shawn) recently had the opportunity to try out some products from HYD For Men, a shaving line, courtesy of iFabbo! The 3 products I was sent were the shave cream, buffer stick, and razor shield. I absolutely love the packaging. Very sleek, black and simple designs (on both the box and products).

photo from HYDformen's Facebook page
photo from HYDformen’s Facebook page
  • Shave Cream Shawn liked the shave cream, though he did say it was just “okay” and nothing special than what he usually uses. I’m assuming it got the job done. Its also fairly less expensive than the usual shave cream he uses, so it being on par with it is a most likely good thing.
  • Buffer Stick Now this is the product that he loved! He said the buffer stick left his skin feeling very energized and refreshed because of the exfoliation. He used it after shaving, and it was also very easy to use. Maybe I have to steal this to try for myself? 😛
  • Razor Shield This seems like a really good idea, but unfortunately neither of us has remembered to try it out yet. I’ve been meaning to use it on my disposable Venus razor that I keep in the shower, although I’m not sure if the water would alter the effectiveness. I am definitely going to try this out when I get a chance.

For more information about HYDformen and where to purchase, please visit the HYD For!