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Its Mah Birthday

Yep…24 years old today. Only one year left until I have to start thinking about the future and all that crap, right? Meh. Can I be 16 again, please?

I spent Friday night celebrating with some awesome friends! We went to Mad River in Manayunk, where they happened to have a pretty sweet happy hour special from 8-10. $1 drinks? Sign me up! A couple photos from the evening (more on the sidebar):

The rest of my weekend was just chilling out and cleaning and all that stuff (the usual, basically). I could’ve done more I suppose but I didn’t really have anything planned. I did treat myself to McDonald’s, though! (wow I am a loser). So far the day has been rather uneventful/quiet…which is pretty nice actually so I’m not complaining. I’m not really doing anything tonight besides having Shawn make me dinner lol. Its a whopping 80 degrees here in Philly today…almost too warm for me to be honest. I’m going home next weekend for a dinner with my parents to celebrate both my and my mom’s birthdays (her’s is a week after mine). I’m gonna look around for a bookshelf for the apartment while I’m there…hopefully I find something. I also really want to see the movie “Hannah”, but I’m not sure if/when I’ll get around to it.

Somewhat off topic, but why does my stomach always get angry/upset after I eat salad? I am trying to feed you healthy things, tummy! Why do you hate me for it? lol. Of course, it’s perfectly fine after I eat a bunch of junk. X(

ETA: guess the day wasn’t completely uneventful. My parents sent me some lovely flowers (which I’ve decided to keep on my desk despite their pizazz lol) and I think I’m going to dinner with the bf.

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  1. Happy belated birthday!!! Hope you had a great day! I will be 23 this year. Such a weird concept. We are getting old, buttt my dad is turning 51 this August and he still talks about what he wants to be when he grows up, so we must have time!!!
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