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Longing for Fall…

Happy August! (hopefully? lol) I keep thinking about Fall weather and boots and sweaters and pretty leaves and Halloween and…yea, I really like Fall if you couldn’t tell. Can we please skip over the rest of this disgustingly hot and hellish summer, please? Uck. X(

This weekend, Shawn and I went to my dad’s company’s BBQ. Mostly just sat around and partook in the free food. My dad makes this white chocolate cheesecake which is amazingly delicious, and luckily I was able to snag a piece of that. On Sunday, we played a little more tennis (update: I still suck) :p

Hoping this week is a bit better than last week, which was pretty crappy. It looks like its going to be in the 80’s all week which is great. Well, its still hot, but at least it isn’t 100 degrees, right? I have to schedule a couple Dr.’s appointments for next month. Since when is calling a Dr’s office the equivalent of calling Comcast? Once I got past the long pre-recorded message, I was put on hold forever and told my “call was very important” (sure.) After a while I hung up, so I guess I’ll try again some other time.

This coming up weekend, our apartment complex is having this huge pool party to raise money for a charity. We haven’t actually participated in any of our complex’s social activities (they have stuff every weekend), so hopefully we’ll go to this one and it’ll be fun.

O yea…I’ve decided that I’m not going to post little snippets from my Beauty Blog entries anymore here. Its too much work to copy/paste and format the little box, and I don’t think anyone pays attention to it anyway. haha. If you do want to keep up to date with my beauty blog posts (which I would love!), please follow on RSS or through Google Friend Connect (in the sidebar)! 🙂