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I figure its about time for a blog.

I’m currently at home for the weekend. Friday was the last day of my internship at WYBE, and I have the whole next week off. Yesterday we went to NYC for a day trip but it turned out to be pretty sucky. We got lost getting up there, then we spent like 2 hours waiting with a million people in line to go to the Statue of Liberty…and when we tried to ask if we could go up on the observation deck (aka anywhere that’s not outside the statue) we were told we needed “reservations”. So we had to wait in more lines for a couple hours to get back. Then we took had to take a subway and a shuttle to get to Times Square, where there was just as many people. We ate at a really pricey diner and then went back…so yea the day was pretty much pointless. lol.

Today was better though. I went with my dad to King of Prussia mall and got a few things that I really wanted to get for awhile. I got a pair of VANS sneakers in black, a cute vest (that came with this ugly shirt but I couldn’t buy them separately), a pair of brown flats, and a black hat.

I’m kind of worried because I keep getting $24.95 charged to my debit account by some “cs8web.net” and I know that I haven’t joined any membership thing or anything. I got charged on July 21st, then again today, August 17th. I’m probably going to call the bank this week and see what they can do about it because it must be some kind of fraud. Hopefully I can get it worked out. *sigh*

I realised upon recieving an email that this post was showing up in google with the keyword “cs8web.net” so I decided I should post about what happened and how I handled the situation.

I ended up emailing “cs@365billing.com”. I explained to them the charges on my account and they responded asking me to verify my account information. Unfortunately, I had to provide them with my credit card number, as I did not have a “username” or password to my knowledge. I wouldn’t provide them with this unless they ask, but it is the only way they can look up the account I think. I also copy pasted the exact charges from my online statement. They got back to me and told me I had an account to some porn site (which of course I did not). I told them it was fraud and demanded a refund and they ended up refunding me a total of $74 which was what they had charged over the course of a year or so. They do have very helpful customer service. The company appears to be a third party billing company that bills customers who subscribe to various websites. I do not believe the the billing website (cs8web.net) is a fraudulent site. They also have a toll free number if you would rather contact them through phone: 1-866-336-9480

The new song by The Verve, “Love is Noise”, is really good if you haven’t checked it out yet.

Man I am so not looking forward to band camp next week.