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uh oh all over again

Hope everyone is doing well.

Tomorrow is Labor Day and classes start on Tuesday. Temple is starting really late (in Sept) this year with classes, its kind of weird and throwing off my sense of time.

I had band camp all last week, and it actually wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating. I dare say that it was actually somewhat enjoyable. *gasp*. We’re doing a Guitar Hero show which is really upbeat and fun. I’m one of the section leaders for the clarinets and our section this year is really great. Everyone has some experience in Marching Band and we sound terrific. We can even sort of kind of maybe make a half decent diagonal…sometimes.

I’ve created a new layout for me portfolio site =) Please check it out at http://www.melaniegebhardt.com.

O yea, and that thing with my credit card that I wrote in the last post was sorted out. I found the company who was billing me, and their customer service told me I had registered for some shady website (which I hadn’t), so I told them I had been frauded and they returned all of the money that was charged.

O yea my computer is being a real pain. A) Two of the keys (E and Y) have completely fallen off. B) It will randomly close programs if too much stuff is open…I think I may have low memory. C) I keep getting virus warnings from my anti-virus software but I don’t think they are actually being removed. Oh bother.

Nothing much else happening. Hopfully my classes will go smoothly this week.