Daily Life

May Flowers

I wrote a draft for a post last week and never posted it, but I thought definitely thought I did haha. It wasn’t too exciting anyway.

I can’t believe it going to be May tomorrow already. Time just won’t stop flying! The weather seems to finally be getting nicer. I was outside for a little bit on Sunday attempting to sweep our patio area. Its a fairly large patio and its covered in leaves and trash and all kinds of stuff. Was able to sweep most of it up, but there’s these little white flower petals (at least I think that’s what they are), that just constantly fall so its pointless to try and sweep them haha. My allergies were kicking up like crazy though. I think my basil plant may have started sprouting, but I’m afraid its not getting enough warmth. Its in basically the only sunny spot on our windowsill, but inside the condo is so cold all the time. Hopefully it’ll warm up a little bit inside.

I’ve been hanging out a lot in the second bedroom, which I’ve kind of turned into an actual bedroom I guess. I got a foam mattress pad for the futon, which is pretty comfy but I really wish I had looked at the density before I bought it. It sinks in a little too much so you can kind of feel the metal bar part of the futon a little bit. Not a huge deal though. I got a super cheap comforter set on Amazon for like $25 haha. It looks pretty nice…not incredibly soft or anything but you get what you pay for I guess. Its brown and blue so it matches the pictures that are hanging up perfectly. I also finally figured out how to get good TV reception in there. Since the room is downstairs (technically a basement level), the reception was always pretty bad. All I had to do was mount the antenna up on the wall with some screws and now the reception is a lot more clear.

I think I may have inadvertently broken our washing machine yesterday. Well…not “broken” I guess. It still works but its leaking out a little bit of water with every laundry load. I tried to wash the comforter which I had to kind of cram into it. I think it was just too heavy for it. When the cycle was done, there was water everywhere and kind of a strange slightly burning smell. I ran 2 more small loads after that one, and the smell was gone and there was still water (though much, much less). Ugh!

I’ve been trying out some new recipes lately. I’ve been making these Asian Chicken Salad Pitas (posted by Santana over at She is Santana!). They’re super yummy but the best part is they actually keep me full for awhile, which is the main problem I have with healthier lunch options. I’m also trying this Crock Pot Picante Chicken and Black Bean Soup from Skinnytaste this week. Our larger crock pot that I thought was broken miraculously works now (no idea why), so I took advantage of that by making a large pot of soup and freezing some of it. I’m super lazy so I love meals that I can just grab before I leave. I made homemade pizza this weekend, which I hadn’t done in a while…since before we moved I think. It turned out pretty good but I think there was too much dough and too much sauce as well. I’ll have to cut those down a little bit next time I make it.