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Meet Charles…


…aka Charliebear!

Charles Charles

We picked him up last weekend from PAWS. He was always so relaxed and chill at the shelter (barely doing anything but sleeping) but he definitely leaped into action once he was in the carrier. He did NOT like it haha! Though I’m sure most cats don’t. We ended up getting a taxi back and thank god we didn’t decide to do public transit because he was meowing and freaking out most of the time. Once we got him home, though, he was fine. He didn’t run and hide under anything either. I think he actually prefers open spaces as opposed to being hidden in things because he never goes under the bed or anything.

He’s been super affectionate and loves to play also! (such a different temperament than he was at the shelter). He’s been sleeping (or playing or doing whatever) during the night without meowing to wake us up which is awesome because that was one thing I was a little worried about. I’ve been playing with him every night and feeding him right after to get him a bit sleepy lol. He’ll start meowing once he hears we’re awake and walking around though. He’s also been using the litterbox fine (despite throwing litter around all over the damn place), and eating fairly well though he seems to not want to eat unless he knows I’m there, though. He doesn’t seem to be a picky eater, since I’ve given him a little bit of new food to try and he gobbled it up.

So so far so good. I have a vet appointment scheduled for the 29th, which I’m not looking forward to cause that means having to put him back in the carrier. Its about a 10 minute walk, and its probably going to be filled with quite a bit of unhappy kitty meowing lol. He has been sneezing off and on so hopefully that’s nothing to worry about. If it gets worse I’ll take him in a little sooner.

Nothing much else going on. Its crazy stormy here today (better now, but was as dark as it is at like midnight earlier).

3 thoughts on “Meet Charles…”

  1. He looks like he feels at home already! I used to have a cat that was absolutely terrified of travelling, or maybe he suffered from motion illness. He whined and puked and whatnot.. Not good. He was ok when he was a baby but it got worse the more he grew up.
    Do you have those litterboxes with walls over there? That was a great help for me when I had cats. It’s like a little “house” with walls and a roof, and a door too, but I had to remove the door because he didn’t know how to use it, and also it can be a death trap if they get stuck in it. Anyway, it helps for not having litter everywhere.

    1. Thanks! Yea, I don’t think he likes being outside when hes in the carrier…maybe all the different sounds scare him (living in a city doesn’t help haha).

      I’ve been wanting to get a litterbox with the very high walls in the back with a lower front so he can enter (not necessarily a roof as I’d probably forget to clean it as often and hes a little claustrophobic haha). Hopefully I can find one like that around here.

  2. Aww, what a cutie. I’m glad that he’s enjoying his new home. I always wanted a cat but I never even thought about the noise they would make while I’m sleeping. That would drive me insane. I don’t know if I could handle that. I’m glad he doesn’t make noise at night for you!

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