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I’m currently reading the back of a Deer Park water bottle. Its informing me that soda has 10tsp of sugar and water has no sugar, so therefore I should drink water. I don’t know why I find that weird advertising…it seems obvious. haha

Anywho…nothing new as usual. I sometimes wonder if I actually want there to be anything new. The thought of getting a job makes me both happy and nervous, but moreso nervous…and thats probably not good. I’m pretty sure my nervousness is hindering my searching. I don’t know why I’m always so anxious. Maybe I have some sort of anxiety problem. I’m only anxious about certain things though, mainly my being put in a situation where I don’t know what I’m doing. Its not necessarily people. I’ve found that I’ve become less shy of people over the years and am (for the most part) completely comfortable in social gatherings (even if I rarely speak). Its just…when I have to work for people or meet with people I don’t know in a serious setting, I feel like I’m never doing anything right. Interviews are the death of me. I haven’t even been getting any at all lately. Most of me is like “yay no reasons to be scared today!” and the other part is like “you need a job…soon!”. Its all very confusing. 🙁

In other Myspace-related news…(wait, what?), I’ve been somewhat revamping my Music Myspace. I decided to get rid of my personal account due to a vast amount of creepy dudes messaging me, even though it was a private profile anyhow. I guess its one less thing for employers to look at, right? (although the rant above about hating interviews doesn’t exactly help that). I haven’t added any new songs to the player (cause I haven’t written anything in over a year I think), but I have grouped some miscellaneous tunes I’ve had from various years into another EP called “Patchwork”, so now I can start of fresh when I decide to write new stuff. I really need to start picking back up on that soon, its a hobby I’ve kind of abandoned. And I have so much to write about now (no, not really.) :p I’m also going to work on revamping my actual music page, because the orange and purple theme is kind of starting to irk me all of a sudden. I still need to redo my portfolio and this blog theme as well. Where is all my time going again? o yea…twitter heh

I’ve been buying a lot online lately, which I promised myself I wouldn’t do. But in the spirit of Rebecca Bloomwood, I have justifications for all of my purchases. Two were from Etsy. I got a sugar scrub that was on sale for only $5.50. I’ve been looking for one for awhile but most were too expensive until I found this sale. The scent is also a dupe of Lush’s “sex bomb” bath bomb, which I’ve actually never smelled but if its a Lush smell it must be nice. The next thing I got was a headband. I’ve been scouring the internet for a specific headband (stretchy with 1 or 2 little black flower things) and was unable to find one in most of the larger shops. I did find one in Anthropologie for $18 which was way too pricey for such a small item. I turned to Etsy, and finally (after searching through pages of results to “flower headband”) found the perfect one I was looking for for $5. So of course I had to get that. The last thing I got was today from Ebay, which I’m wondering if I should have gotten but I’m sure it will be useful. I flat ironed my hair perfectly when I left this morning, only to find that it had poofed out like whoa by the time I got to work cause of the humidity. So I went searching for a little mini flat iron that I could carry in my purse and use whenever I needed to touch up. I found an adorable pink one that costs $28 (plus shipping) and was about to complete the order when I decided that I could probably find a better deal elsewhere, and that I did. I was able to find one for $19 with free shipping on Ebay (although not pink). Win. And today I will be shopping again too. haha. Though all I am going to get is a replacement Body Butter from Sephora because I’m completely out and I also have a gift card. I also have a 40% off coupon from Border’s thats only good for this weekend, so I’m gonna see if theres any books that are worth getting.

I haven’t been making any Youtube videos as of late unfortunately. I’ve either been too busy with housework or too lazy (moreso the latter), but I promise I will try to do a couple of reviews in the near future. I still have a lovely candle to review from Candles by Victoria…I’ve been meaning to make a video review of it for awhile. For now, you can check out my written reviews at http://beautified.adorability.org

This post is massive *stops* ❗

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  1. Interviews used to make me really nervous too, but after a while, I just started to think of it as practice. It might also help that by my father’s suggestion, I started to do mock interviews with him. If you can think of interviews as an opportunity for conversation about something you love to do or would love to do and why, it seems a lot easier to relax in those situations. Just try not to think of it as a final judgement of your character or skill. As for feeling like you don’t know what you’re doing… where’s the shame in that? It’s people that can’t admit to that that usually have/create problems. I’m not going to school you on self confidence, because that gets old fast, so all I’m going to say is keep trying, and never let laziness or fear be an excuse!

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