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new vids and blog!


I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend 🙂 I had a four day weekend since I don’t work today (Tuesday).

Just wanted to mention a little change with the site and let you know of a couple new videos that I’ve done. If you look at the top where the nav is you’ll see that theres a new section called “Beauty”. Its a separate blog where I’ll be posting all my beauty-related stuff (reviews, hauls…) and other stuff like polls etc, as to not get it mixed up with content on this blog. You can click the link or just go here: http://beautified.adorability.org to see that. I probably won’t be updating here when I post something there, so follow me on Twitter to make sure you know when theres new post! I did a new one today so go check it out.

Did a little tag video this morning also which you can see below: