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college student please?

I don’t even want to be a kid again, can I just be like…a college student? forever? The freedom of not living at home and doing whatever you want plus the freedom of not having to support yourself or find a job. It really is the best possible deal you can get. I totally want it back *slump* 🙁

Work @ Temple has been rather busy with phone calls. I don’t understand some of these questions I get…are people that stupid? lol. “Do Summer courses count towards my GPA?” Um, yes they are COURSES. “Where is my class?” Maybe you should already have that information? Then there was the girl that called today and went on about the fact that there’s too many files for her online course and that the professor didn’t organize them enough and she doesn’t know what to do. Somehow I’m supposed to know all about this course and what to do. haha. Then there are the people that want to be taken off our “mailing list”. I don’t know what mailing list this is…and when I ask my boss she just says to tell them yes. So thats what I tell them, and they’re probably still on our mailing list. haha

I would really like to travel somewhere…anywhere. I feel like I haven’t been on an actual vacation/getaway in FOREVER.

I got my order of business cards. They’re pretty cute (though the paper is crappy-ish…but they’re free so I can’t expect much). I might scan one onto my portfolio site. The only thing is I put “Web Designer” on them because if I didn’t put a title it would look silly with the design I chose. I don’t feel like I’m actually a web designer though…I feel like there’s so much more I should know to claim that title. Should have put in “Web Designer wannabe n00b”

I hate business kids. 😡

2 thoughts on “college student please?”

  1. LOL! Sounds like you’ve been asked some really silly questions at university! Especially big LOL at the mysterious mailing list!

  2. hey!!! its kim from (swaggerella.com)… i’m back to blogging with a new domain now 🙂

    anyway, i wish i could be that kind of college student. i live at home since housing is only for out of state students. booooooooo! lol and wow @ the calls you get. smh. some people just lack common sense :/

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